Raisins Malayar

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(box 5 / 10kg)

Type of drying: Sundried

Raisin Malayar in Uzbekistan is one of the most famous varieties of dried fruits. But his fame went far beyond the borders of the republic, and now and throughout the world our country is known as a reliable exporter of this delicious product. The price of Malayar raisins when buying it in our company is much more attractive than the cost of a similar purchase abroad.

A sort of raisins Malayar is distinguished by light brownish-red color, the presence of many useful substances, and, of course, excellent taste. Malayar in Uzbekistan, and throughout the world, is also known as red raisins - as it is usually called simple consumers, for which the main indicator of the accessory of raisins to this or that kind is the color.

In the composition of this product - antioxidants, vitamins of group B and other useful substances, positively affecting the state of the nervous system.
In the warm Central Asian climate of our country, grapes, which are raw materials for making raisins, grow in large quantities and practically do not need fertilizers. Clean water, used for watering vineyards, in conjunction with the fertility of the soil ensures the entry of all useful substances into the grapes.

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