Raisins sayaki

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(box 10 / 12.5 kg)

Type of drying: Shadow dried

Black raisins Sayaki from Uzbekistan is the record among other varieties of dried grapes for the content of nutrients. The careful treatment of berries during harvesting and drying allows us to uncover all of its rich taste in the suit and preserve its attractive appearance without the use of any chemical dyes or preservatives. Its taste is always sweet - it is this variety that categorically does not allow the presence of a taste of bitterness, acid or other extraneous tastes.
Black raisins of the highest grade from Uzbekistan have long been produced by our company "Spectrum dry fruits", so we know more than anyone else all the details of the production of this delicious dessert. Grapes are harvested, washed and hand-picked, so all our products consist of only selected and ripe dried grapes. Berries of berries come off also manually, so at the output we get a product that has a truly attractive presentation.

Buy wholesale black raisins from Uzbekistan in our company - it means not to be mistaken with the choice. Our raisins are made from environmentally friendly raw materials - natural grapes without GMOs, not fertilized by harmful chemicals. In the black suit, there are antioxidants, and vitamins of groups A, B, C, PP, and iron, and calcium, and magnesium. Carbohydrates in its composition are easily processed by the body, in contrast to sugars from ordinary sweets. Often doctors advise their patients with nervousness, irritability and insomnia to buy raisins of a sort of Sayaka or another similar to it, and eat every day for a small handful.

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