Peeled Almonds

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Type of drying: Top grade

Many people consider almonds a nut, although in fact it belongs to plum shrubs and is a "relative" of apricot. By the way, this is why the taste of almonds and apricot pits is often confused. There are dozens of varieties of almonds in Uzbekistan, and our company can offer you any of them.
To buy wholesale almonds from Uzbekistan in our company means not to be mistaken with the choice. Our almonds are made from environmentally friendly raw materials - natural non-GMO almonds, not fertilized with harmful chemicals.
Almonds contain essential oils, a lot of vitamins and minerals, iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein and B vitamins.

Due to this, almonds are highly valued not only in cooking, but also in pharmacology, wine and vodka industry, cosmetology, perfumery and medicine.
The therapeutic properties of almonds are also numerous. Its use helps with hypertension, ulcers, obesity, ophthalmic problems. Also, almonds strengthens internal organs, helps the brain and has a host of other useful properties.

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